About sbRG

sbRG is the parent company of the Fort Collins Community Resource Guide. We provide a unique marketing program designed for small businesses consisting of local community resource guides, website and email exposure to reach the home consumer.

The company was founded in 2007 by Jamie A. Michaels. “As a small business owner for over 3 decades, I know that one of the biggest challenges small business owners face is Affordable, Consistent and Effective (A.C.E.) exposure in the market. After successfully establishing and managing 5 small businesses, I realized that what worked for me could work for others… and sbRG (small business Resource Guide) was launched.”

I look at the market from both sides –
as a consumer and as a business owner.

As a consumer, I want the convenience of the Fort Collins Community Resource Guides in my home and office. They have the information I need when I want it with no expiration dates.

The businesses in the Fort Collins Community Resource Guides are reputable and available as you need them. You will find products and services offered, discounts, locations, hours of operation and it’s all local small businesses. If you want more information about the businesses in the Guide, you can easily find more information on this site, or contact them directly.

As a small business owner, I want you to have my product and service information available 24/7. I want to always be introducing my business to new customers and reminding others that I am here and ready to serve you.

I accomplish this with an attractive-full color mail out of the Fort Collins Community Resource Guide packed with business cards and a complimentary website that offers more if you want it.

Whatever product or service I offer, I want a fun, attractive and easy for you to see me and my information in print and online at your convenience.

Remember…Not only do small businesses make their town unique and interesting while meeting local needs, they also:

  • employ over 50% of local residents
  • support the community tax base
  • share in community events and celebrations
  • contribute to local charities
  • are flexible to problem solving for customers
  • build personal relationships with customers

sbRG truly appreciates the effort and hard work that small business owners put into offering their services. We are proud to support them with our marketing program and the Fort Collins Community Resource Guide.

Hey, Small Business Owner, thanks for being there!